An experienced visionary with an affinity for all things marketing and a “straight no chaser attitude,” Jamal Hipps is the founder and Chief Creative Officer for MPYER Marketing & Advertising. Jamal started MPYER in 2008 to help clients Maximize Potential Yielding Exceptional Results after more than a decade of driving marketing programs for brands and organizations including critical analysis of advertising placement during the Super Bowl. MPYER is the nimble creative marketing team capable of a short-term project or long-term engagement, sourcing professionals with a wide variety of successful marketing experience.

Always ahead of the game, Jamal’s ability to uncover trends and build solid connections has propelled MPYER into a space with some of the largest public entities and advertising agencies in the southeast U.S. region. Many wonder what is Jamal’s secret? It’s the M-Team – a robust lineup of professionals that are curated uniquely for each client’s marketing program. This approach to building business supports his belief that each client is unique and deserves talent handpicked to support it.

As a result, MPYER is the nimble creative marketing team capable of a short-term project or long-term engagement, sourcing professionals with a wide variety of successful marketing experience.

Jamal earned an MBA from Belmont’s Massey Graduate School of Business and serves on several area boards & committees that include Nashville State Community College and Nashville Business Incubation Center.

  • # of Tattoos: Huh!?!
  • Current Board or Non-Profit: Nashville State Community College Foundation Board
  • Dangerous Hobbie(s): Mountain Biking & Shopping
  • Last Concert Attended: Paulo Nutini
  • Private Addiction: Shoes
  • iPhone or Android: BOTH
  • Iconic Brand of Choice: Jack Daniels a.k.a. “Old # 7”
  • Favorite Quote: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once in enough” – Mae West
  • Favorite Color: Orange, “MPYER Orange” to be exact! Yes, that color really does exist

Tiffany D. Whaley, MPYER’s Director of Client Relationships & Lead Consultant, calls herself the group therapist of our clients.  She always asks the question of “how does that make you feel?” to our clients and their customers.  Tiffany is responsible for ensuring that MPYER’s client voice is heard and that we hear the voice of the target market.  Using her hybrid professional background in Marketing and Business Development she understands how important it is to create campaigns that not only paint a pretty picture of the organization but are also relevant, consistent and drives in revenue. With over 15 years of experience in leading for-profit and nonprofit marketing departments, business development into various industries and government contracting Tiffanybrings an array of knowledge to the M-Team.

  • # of Tattoos:  I have commitment issues…so ZERO
  • Community Engagement: Nashville Adult Literacy Council-Board Member; Center for Non-profit Management-Volunteer; Young Leaders Council; Youth Basketball Coach; Tennessee State University National Alumni Association
  • Dangerous Hobbie(s):  Reading in bad lighting
  • Last Concert Attended: Beyonce & Jay-Z’s On the Run II
  • Private Addiction: Carbs and Makeup
  • iPhone or Android: iPhone
  • Iconic Brand of Choice: Coca-Cola
  • Favorite Quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou
  • Favorite Color: Orange and then Red, black, white, purple…depends on the day

Jeff San George, MPYER’s Web Developer and out of the box marketing and tech thinker. Bring him a problem and he’ll solve it. Since the days when the web was new, Jeff has had his hands in there. No problem too big no problem too small. Client needs are his needs. Jeff’s main function is to develop and bring to life the website of the client’s dreams. Each site becomes a living breathing digital creature that is nurtured, nudged and supported throughout it’s life. 25 years in tech have taught Jeff that things always and will always change…and he loves it.

  • # of Tattoos: Life is full of wonder, Let’s not commit today but live for tomorrow. Answer…No
  • Community Engagement: Elks Lodge 72, Annual Christmas party for kids.  Bringing smiles to the faces of kids that may not have a Christmas
  • Dangerous Hobbie(s): Off-Road motorcycling, Enduro, Moto-Cross
  • Last Concert Attended: Yes – 90210 ( not really but boy was that a good one)
  • Private Addiction: Fried Chicken
  • iPhone or Android: Android
  • Iconic Brand of Choice: Ryobi, yes a tool manufacture. One that has it all together and never stops.
  • Favorite Quote: “You lead, follow, or get out of the way” – Lee A. Iacocca
  • Favorite Color: Orange and maybe Red soon…